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Archived Blog Posts

Winter Weather Is Coming - Be Prepared With SERVPRO

9/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW recommends doing these steps to help prevent winter water damage.  Winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to start preparing your home or business for cold temperatures. 

  • If you live in a modular home or a home with a crawl space, make sure your water pipes have a working heat trace system and your crawl space is properly insulated.
  • Turn off water to all outside spigots and open outside faucets to drain water from water pipes.  Make sure all hoses are disconnected from the outside spigots.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean of all debris and leaves. This will help prevent ice jams from forming during warmer winter weather when the snow and ice are melting.
  • If you have a basement, take a walk around the outside of your home, if the dirt is separated from your foundation in any area, take the necessary precautions to fill the gaps and encourage drainage away from the foundation. This will help water from seeping into your basement from the walls.
  • Cover any window wells on the outside of your home to help prevent snow and ice from building up inside of them.

If winter water damage does occur in your home or business, please call SERVPRO immediately. The longer you wait to have the water remediation completed, the more damage you may have.

Protecting Your Personal Belongings From Water Damage

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

In the event you have experienced any kind of water damage in your home or business, there are steps that you can take to protect your personal belongings.

While you wait for SERVPRO to arrive you should:

  • Move any furniture with wooden feet or legs that you can safely carry out of the affected area.  You can use a non-porous object such as coasters, plastic wrap, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, etc, to block the furniture and lift the legs out of the water. At SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW, we use styrofoam blocks to lift furniture out of wet areas.  However, it is okay to be creative as a homeowner to find other household items that can serve the same purpose. The important thing is preventing water damage to your furniture.
  • Store any belongings in plastic totes. If your belongings are stored in cardboard, move any wet cardboard boxes to a dry area. It’s also a good idea to dry off items that are wet before placing them in storage.
  • Move electronics that have been saturated by water to a dry area and wipe down with a clean, dry rag.
  • Take pictures! Our staff takes pictures for your insurance company when we arrive, but if you do happen to move anything or have something that is really damaged, make sure to take pictures of those items.

The more contents you can move yourself, the less damage you will have to your furniture and personal items. This will also help our SERVPRO team get to work immediately extracting water and setting drying equipment.

Water Clean Up In A Commercial Business

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

warehouse with racking and brown water on the floor This photo shows the muddy water spread out on the floor of a commercial building that we were called in to clean up.

SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW received a call for a commercial water damage recently. The caller said they needed water extracted in a 100,000 square foot refrigeration factory and they wanted emergency services. 

In 30 minutes, SERVPRO was on site accessing the situation. A main line to the fire sprinkler system had burst under the concrete and an estimated 150,000 gallons of water and mud had flooded the warehouse.

Within a matter of hours our crew had set up extraction equipment and called in a truck load of floor scrubbers to clean the mud. By Monday, SERVPRO had the factory up and running at 75% capacity.

SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW helps commercial properties get back to business faster.

If you own, operate, or manage a commercial property call us and ask about our FREE ERP (emergency ready profile) and how it could help your business. This profile contains emergency shut off and contacts at your finger tips available as an app on your electronic device, on a computer, or a printed copy.

Water Cleanup by The Best

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

If you experience an inconvenient water intrusion in your home or business the highly-trained and trusted specialists at SERVPRO of Des Moines East and SW can assists in getting you back to "Like in never even happened." At SERVPRO we are ready for whatever happens by keeping our technicians trained and armed with the latest in moisture mapping technology. We invest to make sure we can provide our communities with the top of line dehumidification and drying equipment in the industry. We also have experience in document restoration. If ever water enters your home or business and compromises important photos, passports, bank papers, titles. We are ready to help you when you need it. Our drying techniques and practices are backed with years of success. Call us 24/7, 365 whenever you need us and we will be there. We armed with trained technicians toting with them the best equipment and testing tools in the industry.

Winter 2019 - 2020 - Things to do to avoid winter storm damage

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

Winter this year is predicted to be a “Polar Coaster”! With that being said now is the time to start preparing.

Some of the things you can do to protect your home are disconnecting your garden hose from the hose faucet this will help prevent it from freezing and bursting.

Clean your gutters to insure you have proper drainage for the snow as it melts off your roof and preventing an ice dam.

Insulating water lines that run along exterior walls to keep them from freezing.

Cut away tree branches hanging above your house with added weight from snow and ice, they could fall on to your roof causing damage.

If you have a fireplace it’s a good idea to have the chimney and flue inspected annually.

As always it’s a good idea to stay weather aware going into winter and not get caught unprepared. If SERVPRO is needed you can depend on our team to be there when you need  us most and be "Ready for what ever happens."

Commercial Clean Up

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

No job is too small or too large.  SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW can handle any size loss.  From a small water leak or wet floor to a roof being removed from the commercial structure due to wind. We have a team of professionals ready to respond.  Our trucks are always loaded and backed into the building, ready to respond quickly.  We have over 55 vehicles from cars and trucks to sprinter vans, truck mounted water extraction trucks, and large loss straight trucks loaded all the time with equipment and supplies and ready to respond at a moments notice. SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW has around 60 trained employees here to help.  We also work with temporary labor companies that specialize in our industry and they can supply as much of a workforce as needed.  We are ready to help you with your commercial clean up needs and you can trust that we know how important it is for you to get your business back to business as quick as possible.

SERVPRO Uses the Latest in Microbial Remediation

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Des Moines East and SW we are using the latest in microbial remediation technology to give you the best options available to get you back to "Like it never even happened". Using a qualified company is important when having mold removed in your home or business. There are a lot of “home remedies” found on the internet that may end up masking and making the underlying microbial issues worse. One process we use is a series of measurement tools to map moisture and find the source of the problem to help you better get your property back like it never even happened.  Did you know that microbial growth spores are so small that you can’t see them in the air? At SERVPRO of Des Moines East and SW we use true HEPA Air Filtration Devices, HEPA Vacuum Cleaners and Containment procedures to ensure you and your family or business remain safe. This HEPA process catches 99.97% of airborne particles and the containment procedures ensure no cross contamination happens. We look to organizations such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Restoration Sciences Academy to learn proven techniques that work. Call our office today to learn more.

Mold Removal

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Mold The four-letter word no one wants to hear. From the ordinary fungi and mold naturally occur in our environment. In fact, over 100,000 kinds of fungi have been identified. Even though some forms of mold can add value to our lives, other forms are harmful. Intrusion of water into our homes and business can result in mold growth. Long standing leaks and poor humidity control are often the cause of microbial growth. Signs and symptoms to watch and smell for included the visible presence of mold growth, strong musty odors, poor air circulation, and excessive humidity. SERVPRO of Des Moines East and SW have trained and certified mold remediation techs who take the steps to ensure the mold does not spread throughout the structure by setting containment and negative air filtration systems. Once the mold has been removed our certified technicians will apply an antimicrobial to the structure to ensure the microbial growth does not return.       

Mold - When Water Damage is Not Properly Mitigated

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water in the dark blue on a FLIR camera. This water wasn't seen with the naked eye but with a FLIR you can see the infiltration from the other side

Mold. Scary word when you don’t know what it is exactly. To the untrained eye mold or microbial growth as we refer to it can be very intimidating. Choosing the right company for the remediation is key in successfully removing the microbial growth and making sure no spores contaminate the remaining area. Did you know that microbial growth spores are so small that you can’t see them in the air? At SERVPRO of Des Moines East / SW we use true HEPA Air Filtration Devices and Containment procedures to ensure you and your family or business remain safe. This catches 99.97% of airborne particles and the containment procedures ensure no cross contamination happens. We receive calls all the time where an untrained person has attempted remediation and cross contaminates the unaffected areas putting everyone at risk. At SERVPRO our technicians are certified and we continuously train to stay up to date with all the current procedures, technology, and practices that keep everyone safe. When you choose SERVPRO you can rest assure that you, your family, and your business are in good hands. When water damage occurs call a professional to properly mitigate. Mold can be the result of improperly mitigated water damage.  Below is a link to the EPA’s “Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home.


Quick Mitigation Reduces Business Interuption

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW is faster to any size disaster rather it be a flood, fire, or storm related damage we have the experience, tools, and staff to mitigate any size disaster faster. The faster a disaster is mitigated the better. It's not only better for the contents and structure but faster for the business to resume normal operations limiting interruptions to operations. Getting staff back to work and services / products back to producing is important. We understand lost revenue and we are here to help get you back to business quickly. Having the resources needed is key to this process. With a wide network of subcontractors, equipment, and staff we are here for you. We have the ability to call in additional resources and staff from a large network of SERVPRO locations making sure that your business is taken care of. We are ready for whatever happens.         

We Are Ready When You Need Us

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Most people will luckily never have to experience a catastrophic storm. Be it a hurricane, tornado, flooding, wild fire, or a combination it can be really scary and knowing what to do next can be critical to saving your property. In 2018, there was the California wild fires that cost an estimated $24.5 Billion and hurricanes Florence and Michel that combined estimated over $40 Billion in damage[1]. Closer to home we had the June 30th Event where our franchises took over 500 calls in central Iowa alone. The team at SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW was able to mobilize people, equipment, and all various resources efficiently to help homeowners and businesses get back to normal life. At SERVPRO we can activate our STORM teams all over the continuous United States. Pulling from over 1700 franchises we can handle anything that Mother Nature throws our way. At SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW we are Ready for Whatever Happens!

[1] https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/billions/events/US/2018

Lead Testing May Be Necessary After A Fire Damage

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Before 1978 lead was very common in construction. Lead paint is very uncommon in new construction these days but may still occur. When necessary testing may need to be done before any removal of affected materials occurs.

At SERVPRO, we invest in our technicians with the training and certifications to provide you with the safest mitigation project we can. We always work “lead-safe” and follow all laws and regulations. For more information on lead please visit https://www.epa.gov/lead

At SERVPRO of Des Moines East & SW we typically find lead based paint after a fire and/or water loss has occurred. Used in more than 38 million homes lead is something we must be very careful about to keep you and your family safe. Protecting the health and safety of our clients is very important to us. Lead dust is the most common way lead exposure occurs.  At SERVPRO we invest in our technicians with the training and certifications to provide you with the safest mitigation project we can. We always work “lead-safe” and follow all laws and regulations. For more information on lead please visit https://www.epa.gov/lead

Water Damages Are Not All Treated The Same

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East is here to help when water damage happens.  Our IICRC trained staff will take many steps in cleaning up the damage. The first step is to determine the cause of the water damage and select the Category of water. 

There are three different categories that a water loss is classified in depending on the type of water. 

  • Category 1 Water - Examples are broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows, or appliance malfunctions that involve water supply lines. Category 1 is from a source of water that does not pose substantial threat to humans and classified as "clean water". 
  • Category 2 Water - Examples are toilet bowls with urine (no feces), sump pump failures, seepage due to hydrostatic failure, and water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines. This source is known as "grey water".Refers to a source of water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants and causes discomfort or sickness when consumed or even exposed to.  This type carries microorganisms and nutrients of micro-organisms. 
  •  Category 3 Water - This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water, or standing water. Category 2 Water or Grey Water that is not promptly removed from the structure and or have remained stagnant may be re classified as Category 3 Water. This is known as "black water" and is grossly unsanitary. This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. Type 3 category are contaminated water sources that affect the indoor environment. 

Training and Technology Set SERVPRO Apart

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

Our biggest piece that sets us apart when doing mitigation and restoration work is our detailed moisture mapping, documentation, and thorough inventory processes. We have great people who make these things work behind the scenes and it makes the difference if you were to compare. See more by visiting https://tinyurl.com/y42okayc

At SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and East we are using the latest in moisture mapping technology to give you the best options available to get you back to "Like it never even happened."  This process is done with moisture meters, carpet probes and infrared cameras.  With these tools we can even find the water that is trapped behind structural materials. 

We also do in house training on a regular basis to keep even our senior technicians fresh in the field. SERVPRO offers excellent training modules for our staff. We look also to organizations such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Restoration Sciences Academy to learn proven industry standard techniques that work.

5 Tips On How To Prevent Storm Damage

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

5 quick tips from SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East on how to prevent storm damage to your home this summer

Clean your gutters. - Clogged and damaged gutters are what often lead to roof leaks and foundation leaks. When your gutters are full of leaves and debris it prevents the water from draining down the down spout and away from your house causing water to pool on the roof and around the foundation.

Check your foundation. - If you have cracks or large gaps in your foundation water could seep into your home during a heavy rainstorm causing water damage. Water is crafty and will find any source inside it can. Its also a good note to check the drain in basement egress windows this can become clogged with debris and act like a bucket filling with water and leaking around the window.

Pack up all outdoor furniture. - Often times outdoor furniture is made from light weight materials and in a strong wind guest can rip it right off your patio and launch it into your home or vehicles causing significant damage.

Know how to shut off your utilities. If storm damage happens to your home you may need to shut off the utilities. It’s a good practice to locate all utility shut offs and know how they work before a storm hits.

Inspect your property - Look for dead or damaged trees often times in a storm the trees can get knocked down or limbs torn off that are damaged or dead. Call a licensed arborist for help with this inspection.

Kitchen Fire Cleanup - I smell smoke, dinner must be done!

5/10/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know from 2012-2016 more than $6.5 billion dollars in direct property damage was caused by fire? The leading cause of a residential structure fire is cooking[1]. Hopefully for most people they will never have to experience a house fire and the related cleanup and restoration that follows. I want you to think for a second to a time where you were sitting at a campfire. Now, regardless of how long you sat there you will likely have an odor on you now and you can even smell it while you read this maybe. Some more than others know exactly what I mean. That absolutely unmistakable smell of wood smoke, burning leaves, or a grass fire. It’s not exactly pleasant the next day if you wear the same coat, hat, and your shoes. This is a simple fix, wash it.

Now what do you do if you have a fire inside the house? It may not look bad or maybe half the house is gone, no matter. Your next steps may be critical in saving irreplaceable personal items and salvaging the remaining structure. Unfortunately many people never make a plan for unexpected disasters such as this.

At SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and East we are always Ready for Whatever Happens and will be there for you in your time of the unexpected to help make it "Like it never even happened." We do this with training, certifications, and continuing education for our team. We use the newest technology that is exclusive to SERVPRO. We take our technical training, technology, experience, and specially formulated products by our own in house chemist and willingness to help people and make an otherwise devastating disaster better.

We have a way to help prepare before the disaster happens. Want to be Ready for Whatever Happens? You can build and manage your own Emergency Ready Profile completely free of charge. Do you own or manage commercial properties? A SERVPRO representative can build it for you today and we do that free of charge to keep you prepared. Check out https://ready.SERVPRO.com/  then call our office and we can schedule a quick walk through to help build your profile. On average this process takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

[1] [1] https://www.nfpa.org/News-and-Research/Data-research-and-tools/Building-and-Life-Safety/Home-Structure-Fires

What does the word “Storm” Mean to SERVPRO?

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

When most people think of the word storm, they think about thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy rain. As SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East does monitor and prepare for these situations like any other, they are contained to a few months out of the year. When monitoring and preparing for a “storm” SERVPRO has to take into consideration any occurrence that is going to affect multiple homes or businesses in an area. For example: when the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter for a period of time, homes & businesses have the risk of their water pipes freezing and busting leaving a mess. Another great example of a “storm” situation that SERVPRO prepares for is Tornado season. In any situation, SERVPRO’s goal is to be prepared and ready to respond within minutes.

Whoever smelt it dealt it… Or did they?

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows mold growth behind the dry wall. We are hear to help with inspections to find the source of the odor.

It’s a Friday night and you’ve just gotten in your comfy clothes now you’re ready to Netflix and chill right? Well before you start making the popcorn you catch a whiff of something new. Not a good new either. You blame the garbage and go on with popcorn. Saturday is here and you realize it’s even worse. So now what, Laundry, garbage, pets, kids, your significant other... These things all can create unpleasant smells. What do you do when you have checked everything off? Everything is clean and that smell is still there.

 Did you know that on average your HVAC system is built to last 10-20 years[1]!? During that time most of us will go day by day not thinking twice about the nice warm heat or the cool A/C running. 1/6 Allergy Sufferers can directly tie their symptoms to the dust and dirt inside the HVAC system[2]! Now everyone knows to replace the filter regularly according to manufacture specifications but did you know that the inside of your HVAC system still collects dirt, dust, and dander inside!?

 If you have ever experienced a water loss, microbial related issue, or even rodent/insect infiltration and the structural materials were not properly mitigated and restored you may have found your odor issue. Compromised HVAC systems that are not properly addressed will create these issues down the road.

 Your local SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East technicians are trained and ready to inspect and help identify the source of odor! We use state of the art technology to pinpoint moisture and compromised materials in order to eliminate all things smelly and dirty to make it “Like it Never Even Happened”!

[1] https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/how-long-things-last

[2] http://woodacrehvac.com/4-indoor-air-quality-facts-to-keep-your-home-air-healthy-and-clean/index.html

Red Cross Sound the Alarm Campaign

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

On Friday May 3rd, SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East hosted the American Red Cross and about 50 volunteers for the Sound the Alarm Event. The event focused on installation of smoke alarms and fire safety in the Ewing Trace, Glenwood, and Southland Mobile Homes Parks we have Installed 180 Alarms and made 82 Homes Safer!  This is an annual campaign of the Red Cross with a goal of reducing fire related death and injury by 25%. In the four short years since the campaign started volunteers have installed 1,651,273 free smoke alarm into 684,260 households nationwide. Here in Iowa, we have installed more than 13,190 free smoke alarms into 5,102 households making them safer. This campaign has helped save the lives of 15 Iowans. One family from Dubuque credits them with saving their lives just days after the smoke alarms where installed. SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East is proud to support the American Red Cross with sound the alarms and many other events annually!

Sprinkler Systems Are Common Causes of Water Damage

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Sprinkler systems are commonly installed in commercial and industrial buildings. They save life and structure when a fire occurs. They do cause water damage though when putting out the fire or when the system malfunctions.  This is when SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and East is here to help. We come in and dry the structure when a system malfunctions. Fire sprinklers are activated when the mercury liquid filled bulb bursts between 135 and 165 degrees. It is thought by many that they are triggered by smoke.  They are actually activated by heat. Failures occur with sprinkler heads commonly when the line freezes from cold weather or the head gets hit or pulled on by something.  We are here to help when you need it most and want to help prevent issues before they arise. It is always a good idea to know where your sprinkler line shut off valves are located in case you have a malfunctioning system and know who services these systems for your facility.

SERVPRO partners with the local Red Cross

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

We believe in prevention and preparation.  It is a natural fit for SERVPRO to work with the local Red Cross chapters.  Both SERVPRO and the Red Cross have the gift to be able to help people in their time of need so it is a natural fit for us to support each other.  SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East is hosting the 2019 Sound the Alarm Campaign at our location in our Des Moines office at +33 SE 5th Street on May 3rd.  Please come out and volunteer.  You can register from our Facebook page.  The Sound the Alarm Campaign is a program to install free smoke detectors supplied by the Red Cross in peoples homes.  SERVPRO staff and others will be going out to install these detectors.  Smoke detectors save lives and we are so lucky to help with this great initiative. 

Specialty Floor Drying Systems

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

When your building needs specialty drying services you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and East to have the systems needed to help when you need it most.  We have specialty floor drying systems to dry hard wood floors. This picture shows a hard wood floor drying system for a gym floor. Gym floors can cost a significant amount of money to replace. When they are affected by water damage the faster the water can be extracted and specialty drying equipment can be installed the better. Wood can easily warp and separate. This system uses tubes to pipe the warm dry air under the floor and exhaust the moist air back out. We also have another type of system were we can install mats on top of the hard wood flooring system.  Depending on the infiltration, the type of wood flooring and the type of install we decide on the best course of action to treat the situation.

Fire Damage Clean Up

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

When fire damage affects your home or business SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East is here to help.  We have IICRC trained technicians that specialize in structure and content cleaning. One of the first processes in structure cleaning is to remove soot residue. We use dry sponges to remove the soot from the affected materials. In order to reach the high areas in the home we will attach the dry sponge to an extendable pole to reach. Then the sponge can be used to wipe down ceilings and walls of any soot that might be on the structure.  Soot residue has to be removed in order for the structure seal coat to stick. You can depend on SERVPRO to have the right training and tools to get the job done.

Wet Washing After A Fire

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

When fire damage occurs there are different techniques of cleaning depending on the type of fire that occurred. You can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW & East to help your business or home after the fire has occurred.  We will scope the situation and determine the best plan of action. There are different techniques. One of those techniques and processes is wet washing. This process is not to be used for every fire as it can smear the soot verses remove it.  The picture shows our team wet washing a section of soot damaged area and the improvement it has made on this particular fire. We are here to help when you need us most. If you have had a fire in your home or business give our team of professionals a call.

How To Check For Water Damage

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

It is the water that you don't see that can cause damage. SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and East uses some of the best meters, detectors, and monitoring devices on the market to protect your home or business when water damage occurs. To make sure that the structure is dry and proper moisture progression is taking place we use these tools when drying a structure. We do daily monitoring while drying a structure as well as will provide moisture checks for residences and commercial locations that have had water infiltration to make sure that the structure is dry and there is not water hiding behind structural materials.   This picture shows a infrared camera, called a, FLIR camera. This camera is showing where there is water still trapped in below the flooring material. When you have water damage you can depend on SERVPRO to have the right tools to make sure your structure is properly dry.

Hard Wood Floor Damage

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

When you have hard wood floor damaged by water you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW to have the specialty drying systems needed to be able to help possibly restore your flooring. Hard wood floor drying systems include mats, air movers, and dehumidification equipment to be able to remove the water trapped by the flooring.  The trick to being able to save the flooring is speed.  Quick extraction of standing water and quick setting of the floor system is key. If too much warping of the wood has taken place it is hard to bring the wood back to its original state.  When water damage occurs to any hard wood flooring it is best to call SERVPRO and have them do a moisture check of the floor and make sure the flooring is dry and there is not any unwanted moisture trapped under the floor to prevent further damage days later.  SERVPRO has the equipment for residential losses or even large commercial wood floors like those that are installed in gymnasiums. 

Water and Fire Referral Cook Outs

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW's General Manager, Billy, knows how to turn up the heat. We enjoy cooking and thanking those that refer clients to us. When water or fire damage affects a clients home it can be a devastating experience. We have built fantastic relationships with wonderful insurance companies, realtors, fire departments, property managers, and others that will refer their friends to us when damage happens.  They put their trust in us to take care of them when it matters most. We thank those that refer work to us by providing lunch. We know that they appreciate our trained staff quickly and efficiently taking care of their friends and we appreciate them for referring the work to us. We love to get behind this large grill and cook up some great food.

We Have A Cleaning Product For Any Situation

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW has a cleaning product for any cleaning situation. Weather you have a sewage job, a fire job, a mold job, a carpet cleaning job, a job that might have some blood, or a job that has graffiti. We have a product specialty formulated by our scientists at SERVPRO that will be able to help remove that stubborn situation. We are here as your premier cleaning company to make it "Like it never even happened." We have products stocked and ready on our shelves all the time and our trained technicians know how to safely and properly use these resources to treat the most stubborn of situations. We have environmentally friendly "green" products as well. We have deodorizes and air fresheners also. You can depend on SERVPRO to take care of you, your home, business, carpets, upholsteries, etc. Give us a call today with your stubborn cleaning needs.

We Believe Training Is Vital In The Restoration Industry

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

Members of our team recently received training from our Program Coordinator, Nita.  Training is vital in our industry. Things are constantly changing. Our team needs to stay up on the newest technology as well as the newest information and requirements from insurance companies. She trained on the use of our proprietary software program that we utilize in the field to collect and record data in regards to clients losses. This information forms the story of the loss for insurance companies and the client for documentation. It is vital to record the information in regards to affected materials and the process of restoring the affected materials. Our team has weekly Monday production meetings to go over any thing of importance but we also do more in depth trainings like these as needed to keep us up to date on information and well informed to make sure we are always ready to help our clients with the most up to date information.

Water Damage Clean Up in Des Moines Requires Air Flow

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

When your business or home are affected by water damage and you don't know what to do you can trust that SERVPRO of Des Moines SW has the equipment necessary to provide the mitigation services you need. When you find water damage call our office right away and we will be out to provide a plan of action and start providing services to stabilize the structure to minimize any further damage from occurring. A big part of properly mitigating a water damage is air flow and providing the right amount of air flow for the affected square footage.  With our trained technicians taking measurements and assessing the situation this is figured out.  We can then provide the right amount of equipment to properly mitigate the situation.  This picture shows a few different types of air movers we have on the same job and how we affectively space them to provide airflow to affected materials.  The metal silver fan in the front corner is the clients on this job. You can see the difference on this job of what was actually needed for air flow.

Clean Up For A Water Loss - At A Theater In Des Moines

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

When water affects a theater the show must go on. The show and the guests are looking forward to the event.  Tickets have been sold and other shows are depending on the schedule. The event can not be changed.

The water intrusion at this location was caused by a roof leak during a very fast moving heavy rain storm that moved through.  To keep the show on track and guests not knowing that there was a problem our crews set up equipment and then took it down just a few hours before the show and then reset it right after the show was over each night. This was very labor intensive as there was lots of equipment to set up and take down in a short amount of time to be able to dry the structure properly but we understand that the show must go on. Our employees worked long hours and at odd times to make sure that the guests never experienced any hiccups when coming to experience the show.  We work hard to make it "Like it never even happened" during and after the dry out process.  When you see these green trucks you know that help has arrived and you can depend on us. The Show Must and Will Go On!

Odor Removal after Fire Damage

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW does content cleaning.  After a fire contents can be affected by odor and soot.  Our trained professionals will come in and assess those contents and decide which ones are save able and which ones have to be disposed of.

Different contents absorb soot and odor differently based off of the materials they are made of.  The first step of removing odor is to remove the source of the odor which is the soot. We will clean the item using different methods based off of the material and amount of damage to the item. Then after the soot is removed we will tackle the odor.

To remove the odor we will put most items inside of our ozone room. The picture below shows half of our ozone room. Our ozone room contains wire racking as well as plenty of room for free standing larger items. The items will remain in the sealed room for several hours while the ozone machine runs. 

We work hard to return your items to you and make it "Like it never even happened."

Content Pack Out Services After A Fire In Des Moines

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When a fire happens in your home or business you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW to help.  We provide a service while the clean up process occurs to pack out the contents in your home or business that might be either affected or be in the way why mitigation and clean up services occur. We will pack up those contents, clean them, and/or store them if needed.  We label the boxes and photo graph all items inside the boxes for easy identification and location if needed during the process.  The picture below shows how we keep the contents labeled and in a crate for easy identification and organization in our warehouse.  You can depend on SERVPRO to help during your clean up process.

Drying Up After Water Damage In Des Moines

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When water affects your business or home SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is here to help with equipment and trained staff.

This business had water damage after a heavy rain storm in a short amount of time. The water came into their building and affected the entire location. We extracted the standing water and set equipment. We set a total of 387 fans on this particular job, as well as desiccants and generators as you can imagine it took lots of power to run all this equipment. We have the means to be able to dry the structure.  Air flow is a big part of the drying process. Having the right amount of air flow is crucial to the drying process.  We use calculations to figure the right amount of equipment needed to properly dry the structure and contents in a facility.  We are here to help you with our trained professionals when disaster happens to get you back to your home and business faster, making it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage Clean Up In Des Moines

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If you have storm damage, we can clean it up. We are here to help and have 24/7 staff and equipment. If you have water damage from flash flooding, structural damage from high winds, or smoke damage from a lightening fire. We are here to help. Our trained staff are here to assess the situation and stabilize your structure for you.  We can help you find the resources you need to quickly clean up any situation weather you have a large tree that has come down or a roof that needs repaired. We have business relationships with contractors and vendors that we partner with that are here to assist even with things we are not able to do ourselves. We are able to bring in large equipment if needed to solve any problem that you have.  We are here to help be that resource for you in that time of need when a disaster happens. You can turn to SERVPRO and know that we are here to help.  We know that your family and/or business are important to you and it is important to get things back to normal quickly.  We work hard to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Clean Up In Commercial Business In Des Moines

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Desiccant Set Up In Des Moines Drying Commercial Building

Drying a large commercial space takes special equipment. SERVPRO has that equipment ready and available.  When drying 1000's of square feet of space it takes specialized equipment.

Desiccant drying systems are brought in to assist in the mitigation process. Desiccants operate differently then dehumidifiers and operate to a lower temperature as well. 

The first step in any mitigation process is to extract the standing water. Then the steps of drying the structure begins. To dry the structure if there is a lot of square footage affected a desiccant will be utilized because air flow tubes can be utilized through the building.  The moisture can then be exhausted outside the building. 

We are here to help with your Commercial Building drying needs. We have the equipment necessary to help clean up the mess and work hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Clean Up In Des Moines Office Building

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This office building in Des Moines was heavily affected by water damage after a floor drain backed up affecting all 50,000 sqft of the flooring of the building.  Des Moines experienced a heavy rain storm that the drain system could not keep up with causing the drain to back up. They immediately called SERVPRO to help. We extracted the water and started to bring in the equipment to dry the structure and contents. When a building this size, with this many square feet affected has to be dried it was decided to utilize desiccant drying systems and air movers. The picture shows the tubing for the desiccant and the air movers as well.

When water affects your commercial space you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW to have the right equipment and trained employees to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Clean Up In An Office Building In Des Moines

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This office building in Des Moines was heavily affected by water damage after a floor drain backed up affecting all 50,000 sqft of the flooring of the building.  Des Moines experienced a heavy rain storm that the drain system could not keep up with causing the drain to back up. They immediately called SERVPRO to help. We extracted the water and started to bring in the equipment to dry the structure and contents. When a building this size, with this many square feet affected has to be dried it was decided to utilize desiccant drying systems and air movers. The picture shows the tubing for the desiccant and the air movers as well.

When water affects your commercial space you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines East/SW to have the right equipment and trained employees to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Removal From Basement After Storm In Bondurant

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Cleaning Up Water After A Rain Storm In A Basement In Bondurant With One Type of Extraction Equipment

Heavy rain fall can infiltrate a home or business very quickly. Most of the time it is a problem in the lower level or basement of a home or in a crawl space. Water can seep in under garage doors, around improperly sealed windows or through cracks in the cement foundation or walls. Water will always travel the least path of resistance.  Heavy fast rainfall can cause issues very quickly and keep sump pumps from keeping up in a storm.

If you find water where you don't want it and you don't know how to remove it we are here to help. SERVPRO has several different forms of extraction equipment and are here to help. It is very important to remove the water as soon as possible to prevent further wicking into the structure materials of the building. It can be difficult to remove with out the right equipment. This is where we come in. We will extract the standing water and then set drying equipment to remove moisture from the structure. Always remember to call right away when you see a problem for help.  Water is something you want to clean up right away so further problems don't occur.

Water Removal After Storms

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Crews Loading Up The Vans

Today in the Des Moines area we received a very large amount of rain in a short amount of time. Our crews as soon as the rain started falling in central Iowa were making sure the trucks were loaded and ready. This happens every day though. We make sure we are ready to help when the help is needed. We are able to dispatch the teams quickly to your home or business. We can help you extract the water when your sump pump fails, water infiltrates your foundation, or your sewer backs up.  We can dry the structure of the building or even do demo of the affected materials so that the reconstruction can start that much quicker. It is all about getting you back to normalcy as quickly as possibly. Disasters happen but it doesn't have to be that way for long. Let the professionals help.

Helping to restore your house back into your home.

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Home: (noun) 1. The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. 2.  Any place of residence or refuge.  

You have worked hard to turn your house into a home. You have so many memories in your home and when disaster strikes you want to preserve those memories. At SERVPRO of Des Moines SW, we are here to help you restore your home and personal contents. We are diligent and work hard to get you back into your home.

Our warehouse cleaning technicians take good care of your contents to make sure they get back to you restored and “Like it never even happened.”

Give us a call at SERVPRO of Des Moines SW when disaster decides to strike on your home.

Document Restoration for Businesses

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Businesses have lots of important documents and vital records. When water or fire damage occurs you can depend on SERVPRO of Des Moines SW to be able to help restore these items.  It is vital to bring in professionals right away for document restoration services.  We restore tax records, historical documents, books, photographs etc.  In commercial business spaces there are so many things that can cause water damage to documents.  Documents that are years old but important and need to be maintained are often kept in the basement of a facility.  These areas are subject to water infiltration, sump pump failures, sewer back ups, mechanical room or line failures.  We are here to help if these type of situations occur.  Fire or soot damage can also ruin documents.  We are here to help with those as well. 

We have specialized freeze drying and cleaning equipment that we utilize.  If you are ever in need of having vital documents restored give us a call. We are here to help.

Storm Response Teams

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SERVPRO has storm response teams.  When a large natural disaster occurs and you think how can there even begin to be enough resources to clean it up, that is where SERVPRO comes in.  We have strategically placed storm teams around the country and franchises partnered with those storm response teams to be able to mobilize and get boots on the ground and equipment to assist those affected by the natural disaster quickly.  SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is a responding franchise. As Iowa's Large Loss Response team we have the staff and equipment to respond to any size disaster and we work with these storm teams. This allows us if a disaster happens in Iowa we are ready to call in the resources to assist very quickly if it is a very large disaster and beyond something just our franchise can handle. Such as multiple buildings affected in a large area.  You can know as a home owner or business owner that we are ready to help you get your property taken care of.  Give us a call and let us worry about getting the resources to you. We are an independently owned franchise with the strong backing of over 1700 additional franchises across the county, storm team franchises, and a fantastic corporate office all to assist bringing in the resources to help our friends and neighbors.  You can depend on us here at SERVPRO.

Storm Damage Clean Up Services - We Are Ready

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The thing about a disaster is they are unexpected. Storm damage is even a larger disaster then a fire or water damage at a home or business because it is not just contained to one building. Storm damage is usually affecting multiple buildings, multiple residences, and/or multiple businesses.  SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is ready to help. Our 24 hour, 7 day a week on call staff are trained and ready with equipment fully ready and waiting at our facilities to roll out the minute we get the call to help. We can secure a building after wind damage, remove debris from trees, we are able to extract water that has infiltrated areas that it is not supposed to be, or clean up a back up that has occurred from storm water.  We provide services to both residential and commercial businesses and we have the resources to handle multiple calls all at once.  We are here to help ease some of the stress that occurs when a disaster happens. Know that when you make the call to SERVPRO we are making it "Like it never even happened."

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Before the Storm

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Tornadoes and storms cause over 25 Million dollars in damage a year.  It is a necessity to be prepared.  Tips for being prepared for a storm, as you never know when one might hit, are below.

-Keep the gas level in your car above 1/4 of a tank.

-Record the dosages and names of medications you take and keep in a grab and go place, such as in your purse.

-Keep your purse or wallet in an easy to get to place and if you have to go to the basement in a storm take it with you.

-Test the batteries in your flash lights monthly like you do your batteries in your smoke detectors.

-Keep all emergency information in a safe place and make multiple copies.

-Have your insurance companies contact information saved in your cell phone including policy number and agents name.

-Keep electronics/phones charged at least above 20% so incase the power goes out you have a little reserve left.

These are a few items in the restoration industry we here of that people comment on that might have been helpful in a storm damage and they are the little things.

Board Up After Storm Damage

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When storm damage occurs we are here to help you maintain the safety of your home or business.  We provide board up services.  If your home or business is affected by wind damage, broken windows, tree damage, lightening damage, etc give SERVPRO of Des Moines SW a call.  We have the materials on hand to secure the building and prevent further damage to the structure or the contents until repairs can be made.  We have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with insurance companies and take photos before and after the board up process for documentation.  It is vital to maintain the structure of a building so further damage does not occur after storm damage.  We work hard every day to help our clients recover after a disaster and make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Business Clean Up Services

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We work for all types of commercial businesses for all types of losses. We at SERVPRO of Des Moines SW has helped business get back up to normal for educational facilities, churches, financial institutions, restaurants, hotels and apartment buildings to name a few. When water, fire, or mold, etc occur and you don’t know how to clean it up we are here to help. We specialize in getting business back up to normal. Let us bring our equipment and trained staff in to help. We will scope your loss, provide an estimate and get to work for you right away. When the work is completed we will provide all documentation including drying logs and pictures of work progress for documentation that you might need. We provide service for all size losses small to large. We are equipped to handle any size commercial facility as the large loss representative for the state of Iowa. You can trust SERVPRO to help your commercial business.

We are Trained Fire Cleaning Specialists

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SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is here to help when fire affects your home or business. We know that you don’t experience this everyday. We specialize in fire restoration cleaning and mitigation. We are here to help when a fire affects the structure and/or contents.  We are a full service restoration company. You can depend on us to help you make advised decisions as you work through the process. We clean structure and contents. We provide demolition services. We will media blast and seal structure. We work with dependable subcontractors to help in the rebuilding process. We work with and communicate all documentation with insurance programs and the insured to make sure all know the status and progress of the job. We are here to help when a fire occurs.

Cleaning After A Fire

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When cleaning after a fire don’t use water initially. Soot should not be cleaned up with water first. Soot should initially be removed with dry sponges. Dry soot cleaning sponges are used to remove soot and dirt where you don’t want the surface to get wet. It is made of a natural rubber and is used like an eraser. Once the surface of the sponge is dirty it has to be thrown out. They can not be reused. The sponges hold a remarkable amount of soot in the pours of the sponge. After wiping the fine particles of soot off the surface the surface can be wet washed. This process needs to be done by a professional. If not done properly surface damage can occur. There is a science to fire cleaning and you should trust and hire a professional if you have fire clean up that needs to occur. We work hard and have trained professionals ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Benefits of Using A Trained Professional To Clean Up Mold

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SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is here to help when mold affects your building. Mold will grow under certain conditions. Mold is a living organism and needs air and moisture to live.  When conditions are ideal mold will grow. It is important to use a trained professional to properly clean up mold. A trained professional when remediating mold will set up containment, use HEPA vacuums, use antimicrobial, seal if necessary and take air samples when completed to make sure it is remediated properly. Before the work is completed photos will be taken and after the work is completed additional photos will be taken as well for documentation. We are here to help improve and take care of your property. We work hard and take pride in making it "Like it never even happened."

AMRT Trained Staff To Clean Up Mold

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Our staff at SERVPRO of Des Moines SW that lead the crews and provide mold remediation services are IICRC AMRT Anti Microbial Remediation Training certified. This is vital to make sure that services are provided properly. A lack of training and education can be harmful to the structure, occupants as well as our employees. This is why our staff are trained in this skill set before performing services.  Protecting the health and safety of all involved while dealing with microbial growth is important.  Trained technicians know how to perform testing, set up containment, use HEPA filtration equipment, and keep cross contamination from happening. You can trust our team to properly remediate your mold situation and concerns and trust that our staff that are performing the work are AMRT certified.   

Spring Cleaning will be a breeze when you contact SERVPRO of Des Moines SW

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Take a minute and smell the flowers this spring!

The wonderful first day of spring where you open your windows after having your house boarded up all winter. That wonderful spring day can also be an eye-opener because of how much spring cleaning you might need to do. Let SERVPRO of Des Moines SW help with some of that cleaning. Spring Cleaning can be a hefty job and can be overwhelming to try and get everything done. Let us help lighten the load! We provide carpet cleaning, odor removal, air testing, and mold remediation that can help get your house sparkly clean. SERVPRO of Des Moines SW makes it “Like it never even happened.” Take a minute and smell the roses on a lovely spring day and let SERVPRO of Des Moines SW do your household spring cleaning.

Want to help commercial businesses after a water or fire loss?

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Join our SERVPRO green team today!

We work hard to ensure our residential and commercial clients get the help they need in their time of need. Our commercial clients know to call green to get it clean. If you want to become part of the team that makes it "Like it never even happened.", you are in luck!

We are hiring for multiple positions. We are currently hiring for Production Technicians in our Iowa City and Des Moines locations. We are also looking for a Project Manager to oversee every aspect of a job that comes in. 

If you would like more information about our current job openings please go to: 


We are always accepting resumes and you can submit yours to andrea@SERVPRO.me.

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW helps to make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold & Microbial Growth Testing

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SERVPRO of Des Moines SW offers Microbial Growth Assessments.  If you believe you have something that you think might be mold have it tested by a professional. It is better to be safe than sorry. We are here to help you.  Our employees are trained and certified.  We will perform the testing. Send in the samples. If mold is confirmed we will set up a remediation plan and go over the estimate.  Proper containment will be set up. Mitigation will occur and then finally another set of testing will occur to make sure that all of the microbial growth has been removed.

Microbial growth is more present in facilities than ever before as we build more efficient, tighter buildings. Everything we do produces moisture. Buildings need to breathe.  We are here to help you protect your health and safety if you believe you have mold give SERVPRO a call to perform a microbial growth assessment.

Mold Cleaning for Your Health

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When cleaning after a mold remediation job SERVPRO of Des Moines cleans for the safety and health of our customers using multiple techniques. 

  • We use HEPA vacuums.
  • We use HEPA air filters in our air filtration devices during the process.
  • We use microfiber cleaning cloths and change them out after cleaning so much of an affected area reducing cross contamination.
  • We set up containment before starting work so that during the process contaminates are not spread to uncontaminated areas.

We clean for health and safety first and then you just get an outstanding appearance.  It is so important to contain contaminants when performing mold remediation services and cleaning. We work hard every day to make it "Like it never even happened."

April Showers bring May flowers and the possibility of flooding to your Des Moines area home.

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April Showers do bring May flowers but they also bring flooding. Taking precautions can help minimize the damage that occurs at your home. The first thing you need to do is check with your insurance to make sure that you are covered. Coverage options vary depending on the insurance company so it is always a good idea to check and see what is available to you. Second, have your sump pump and chimney checks yearly and make sure your gutters are clean and attached properly. If water does get into your home it needs to be removed quickly and dried out properly so you don’t have mold growth in the future. SERVPRO of Des Moines SW will respond to the problem and extract the water and start the remediation process to prevent mold growth at all affected levels.

SERVPRO's ERP Helps Office Buildings Mitigate Fire, Water, and Mold Damage in the Des Moines Area

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

The ERP Helps Many Des Moines Area Businesses Minimize Water Losses--Call SERVPRO for a Free Consultation 319-338-8550

Many Institutions and Commercial Enterprises Rely on SERVPRO to Help Prevent and Mitigate Water Losses

For some damage restoration companies, conducting large-scale water damage repairs on office buildings in Iowa can be very difficult. In the event of a sprinkler malfunction, upper floor flood, or other disasters, the vertical nature of many office spaces can pose a significant challenge even for experienced restoration professionals like SERVPRO. However, with the help of the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile system, you can make sure that your office receives the care and treatment it needs while we deal with mitigating your disaster.

The Emergency READY Profile is a mobile app that allows businesses in Des Moines to prepare for and mitigate disasters as soon as they happen and provide details to ease the communication between multiple entities.

Our marketing team will help set up your account for you! We want to take the hassle out of a disaster and help your company thrive. If you own or manage multiple locations, we can set it up so you can see and manage all locations information. We will come and do a walk through with you, take pictures and document the location of the utility shutoffs

Creating an Emergency READY Profile for your business allows you to operate your company with a higher degree of security and peace of mind. When disaster strikes help is only a click away. The ERP is formatted to be a preventative tool, we help you identify hot-spots, and areas of concern. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Should water, fire, or mold damage happen to your building, you can alert SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and have our IICRC certified technicians sent out with only the push of a button. Your emergency information will be available at your fingertips 24/7 helping to reduce time figuring out who you want to contact.

Estimating your fire loss in the Des Moines area

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Our estimator looking at a loss before writing an estimate for the client

Our skilled and knowledgeable estimators walk through the property looking at multiple variables such as WATER DAMAGE from extinguishing the fire, WALLS AND STRUCTURE DAMAGE checking the structural strength of your home or business, SOOT DAMAGE by removing the soot and deodorizing the smoke smell, CONTENT CLEANING so you get your possessions back without soot damage or smoke smell. All of these things are looked at and factored in when doing a complete and thorough estimate to perform restoration mitigation services after a fire or soot damage.

To help make things easier for you it is always good to have a log of your insured contents so if a fire does occur you can easily tell what is accounted for and what you might need to throw away. Many insurance companies have a content inventory checklist so check and see if your insurance company has one. This helps you know what you have for contents and assign a value to your contents.

Our estimators also talk with your insurance and have an open line of communication to help make sure when we are done we make it “Like it never even happened.”

When Mother Nature makes a roaring entrance SERVPRO of Des Moines SW makes it “Like it never even happened.”

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Make March memorable and make a roaring entrance!

“In like a lion out like a lamb.” As we head into March we are still in winter and then we slowly transition into spring. Iowa weather is so incredibly unpredictable we can go through three different seasons in one day! No matter what the weather brings know that SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is here to help. Whether there are heavy winds that require us to securely board up your home, excessive rainfall that floods your basement and damages your contents, or your neighbor has a sump pump or sewage back up that flows into your basement. Feel free to give us a call when a disaster or Mother Nature strikes. With the winter we have had you can look forward to spring starting on March 20th.

"We're all mad here."

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

When you have severe water damage at your home you might go MAD trying to coordinate everything with insurance, mitigation, content cleaning, and then you might have to worry about reconstruction. One thing that you might not think about is all of your important documents and pictures that might have been damaged. You wouldn’t want your marriage license or your Great Grandma’s bible to grow mold because you forgot it had gotten wet in all the hustle of the water damage. We can dry your books, pictures, paintings, and important documents for you.

The Mad Hatter said “No wonder you’re lat. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow.” You don’t have to worry about our clocks being slow because we are a 24/7 company.

Let us help keep the romance lit in Des Moines

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is working to ensure that your romantic plans don't get interrupted.

You have been planning this day out for weeks. The flowers have been delivered, the table is set, and the wine is poured. You are sitting down with your significant other for a romantic candlelit dinner at home. Right before you put dessert on the table you get a smell of something very unpleasant. You search your home to find where the stench is coming from and it is a sewage backup in your bathroom. Sewage back up can occur for a variety of reasons. Don’t let it ruin your romantic night in. You won’t want to clean up the mess yourself put your trust in SERVPRO of Des Moines SW and give us a call. We will come in, extract the water, deodorize, clean your damaged contents, and restore carpets and floors.

Call us today to help make sure your romantic night can resume.We work hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is your statewide Large Loss Response Team

1/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is your cleanup and restoration company for the state of Iowa!

Winter, spring, summer, or fall all you have to do is call…SERVPRO of Des Moines SW when disaster strikes. Did you know that SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is the only Large Loss certified franchise in the state of Iowa? What does it mean to be large loss certified? Glad you asked! Being a certified large loss franchise means that we can respond to any loss across the state. We are equipped for residential and large commercial losses. You will know we are on the scene with the bright green machines but you will also know who our employees are by their uniforms and id badges.  We understand the importance of getting your business back up and running after a disaster and we work hard to make that happen. SERVPRO of Des Moines SW is here to help with any size disaster.

SERVPRO Emergency Green Vehicles are equipped to cleanup your emergencies.

12/19/2017 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO of Des Moines East and SERVPRO of Des Moines SW for your emergency water and fire cleanup needs.

Green is on the Scene with our many different types of vehicles. During emergency water and fire calls we respond with our trucks all ready to go! Thanks to some of our amazing staff these trucks keep stocked

We have a water truck that we bring to the job site to extract water right on the premises. This helps to ensure that the drying process can start quickly so your water emergency can get cleaned up. We also have other vehicles that are designated for large loss jobs and removing your affected content for cleaning at our shop. When you see the green SERVPRO vehicles you know we are helping you, your neighbors, and your local businesses get back to everyday life quickly and efficiently.   

Fall Maintenance Checklist

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is here to help.  Take the time to reduce property damage by doing these things this fall to prevent property damage.  Winter is around the corner and Iowa winter temperatures are cold and harsh.  Be prepared by taking  a little action now by doing a little fall preventative maintenance.

Fall Maintenance Checklist

  • Stow Your Mower
  • Store hoses and turn off outdoor water
  • Drain and turn off sprinkler systems
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows
  • Clean your gutters
  • Inspect your roof
  • Direct drainage away from your house
  • Get your furnace serviced
  • Prune your plants
  • Look up the chimney for any blockages and check the dampers to make sure they are working

When damage happens though know we are here to help make it " Like it never even happened"

Items In An Emergency Supply Kit

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Des Moines East/SW believes in being READY.  One of the first ways of doing this is to have an emergency supply kit.  It may be different depending on what type of disasters you are likely to encounter but this is a good starter list. 

  • Water ( one gallon water per person per day)
  • Food ( non-perishable 3-day supply)
  • Battery-operated radio, preferably a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal help
  • Dust mask
  • Hygiene items
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener
  • Local Maps
  • Cell phone with chargers
  • Cash
  • Important documents
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Matches

Put this emergency kit in a safe place that easily able to be found by all members of your family. 

Water Clean Up in Des Moines, Altoona and Surrounding Areas

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

When water damage happens in Des Moines, Altoona, and the surrounding areas don't hesitate with who to call.  Call SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville, Ottumwa/Oskaloosa, Des Moines East & SW.  We are the largest SERVPRO in the state of Iowa but we are here to handle everything from a small water leak to a large flood.  We can clean up fresh water from a water line break from a washing machine, dish washer, sink, refrigerator, or even water from an air conditioner condensate line.  We can clean up water that has backed up from a drain line or from a sump pump that has quit working. 

It is so important to call us right away.  It is the water you don't see that can cause the most damage.  We do free estimates and free moisture checks.  Don't hesitate to call. 

We have equipment loaded and ready to go and crew that works 24 hours a day to help you and respond to your loss right away to start extracting water and we will set dehumidifiers and air movers if needed as soon as we can to keep the water from wicking further into the structure. 

You can trust us. With our three locations to have staff ready to help you 24 hours a day. So when you have water to clean up we are here to help you.  Thank you for trusting us.

Removing water from Carpet in Ankeny

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Our Des Moines Employee, Nick, Removing Carpet and Pad from a house in Ankeny

After a water intrusion we will use this type of equipment to remove the water from carpet and pad.  In order to save the carpet and pad it must be a clean water loss. Meaning the leak had to come from a fresh water line.  We use this equipment or something similar to extract the water.  This machine is called a rover but we will also use a machine called a hydroX. They work the same way.  You stand on both types of machines and the weight of the machine and the employee standing on the machine helps to squeeze out and suck up the water. The machine is self propelled using controls on the handle.  The water is then pumped through tubes into a truck mounted holding tank to be disposed of.  Air movers and dehumidifiers are still needed to remove moisture but this will remove the majority of excess water.  We attempt when ever possible to save the carpet and pad but many times if not attended to fast enough delamination occurs. This is why it is so important to know who to call if you ever have water damage and to do it right away. This will minimize cost for the dry out process and minimize property damage.

Home Contents Inventory-Why it’s Needed in Case of a Fire

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Imagine having a total loss of your home due to a fire and having to recall every item that was damaged… could you do it? Would you trust yourself to remember each individual item that was in your home, especially the rarely used ones? Without a photographic memory most of us would find some difficulty with this task in an already stressful time. In the event of a fire, your insurance company will expect you to provide a list of all your personal property that was damaged. By having a pre-assembled Home Contents Inventory you can have piece-of-mind knowing that all of your contents are documented and can then be properly replaced according to your insurance policy. There are several methods to complete your Home Contents Inventory whether on paper or digitally (you can contact your local SERVPRO for a blank copy of either). You will want to make sure to list each item, its value, and include any receipts and photographs along with it. It’s a good idea to update your Home Contents Inventory list annually to include any new items you have added to the home and remove items you no longer have. Make sure to keep a copy safe in a fireproof container or safe deposit box and you can always file a copy with your insurance agent as well.

Emergency Fire Tips

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In 2015 there were 1,345,500 fires reported in the United States. A structure fire was reported every 63 seconds and caused an estimated $14.3 billion in property damage. In order to ensure you and your family’s safety make sure to have an escape route in place so if a fire is discovered, you can move quickly to evacuate to your designated meeting place. The aftermath of a fire can be just as devastating as the initial event. Your local SERVPRO is here to help minimize damage and save your contents. Do not attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to a fire without consulting a repair service and make sure your restoration company is IICRC certified (all SERVPRO techs are!) There is a science behind effective cleaning. Proper methods and products must be used depending on the materials being cleaned to avoid further damage. When you choose SERVPRO, you can take comfort knowing your home and contents are in the hands of trained and caring professionals.

Emergency Water Tips

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Suffering a water loss can be a hectic and stressful time. Emotions run high and often times you don’t even know where to start! The first step should always be to identify the source of incoming water then shutoff or stop the water source if possible. Next make sure to turn off all electrical appliances around the affected area to reduce electrical hazards and turn off the circuit breakers supplying electricity to the wet areas. You will want to remove excess water by mopping or blotting and make sure to never use a regular vacuum to remove water! Keep furniture safe from additional damage by placing aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting/flooring and make sure to call your local SERVPRO to come assess the damage and get the drying process started immediately.

Commercial Restaurant Loss & Getting you Back to Business

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In 2015 Restaurants across the United States suffered a total of $116 million dollars in damages, the average loss being $23,000 (not including revenue loss from business interruption) finding prime days for damage occurred on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We know that even the smallest losses can impact business functionality and cause revenue loss which is why we are here to get you back to business quickly! SERVPRO of Iowa City/Ottumwa/Des Moines is a large loss certified franchise with trained crews and commercial grade equipment that can respond to any size loss within hours. Regardless of the type of loss we understand the urgency of getting damages taken care of… after all an empty restaurant will COST you money. Once emergency cleaning is completed, our professional team can also offer regular maintenance services such as hood kitchen exhaust cleaning helping to ensure your restaurant is always clean and ready for business!

Disaster Preparedness for a Storm

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With the fluctuations in weather, Iowa has been known to experience its fair share of severe weather and storms. Two elements that cause a thunderstorm are moisture and rapidly rising warm air, which is why severe thunderstorms occur most often in hot summer months. Thunderstorms produce lightening which can severely hurt people and damage property. Heavy rain can cause flash flooding and high winds can damage your home and blow down trees and utility poles. If you happen to get caught unprepared, storms can threaten both your property and your personal safety. Make a list of items to bring inside during a storm and ensure pets are safe and any outside housing is secured. Be sure to discuss a safety plan with your family including a safe place in your home away from windows and glass to gather during a storm. Have an emergency kit including water, non-perishable food, towels, garbage bags, and first aid kit supplies and remain indoors until after the storm has passed. After a storm you can contact your local SERVPRO 24hours a day to assist with any immediate board ups needed to protect your home.

Summer Weather and Your Appliances- Fire Hazards at Your Business and at Home

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Often time people overlook the fact that summer weather can have an impact on your appliances. Extreme Heat, Summer Storms, and Power Outages can be hazardous and increase the chances of a fire in your home or business. Be cautious of over-working compressors from refrigerators and freezers, they can get extremely hot and cause a fire. Improperly used extension cords not designed to carry the proper electric load can heat quickly and also cause a fire and considerable damage. During a Summer Storm do not use electrical appliances that have been wet or potentially shorted from a lightning strike, these can be a major fire hazard. To be sure no fires have started it’s a good idea to check your appliances during and after a storm. If you experience a power outage never run cords from generators or other appliances under carpet or rugs where heat could build and cause damage or fire. Being aware of the potential hazards can save you, your business, and your home.

Extreme Heat- How it can Affect you

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We all know Iowa summers bring extreme heat! Extreme heat is caused by higher than normal temperature and humidity. Children, ages infant to four are at higher risk for heat related illnesses and need extra fluids compared to adults. Symptoms of heat related illness include faintness, exhaustion, nausea, muscle spasms, and fever. In the United States more than 600 people die every year due to extreme heat. During these heat waves it’s better to stay inside and stay cool if possible. Air conditioning is the highest protective measure against extreme heat illnesses. HYDRATION is also extremely important! Drink plenty of water and if you’re in prolonged heat it’s good to utilize sports drinks to replenish your body with electrolytes. If you must be outdoors you should also avoid strenuous activities, wear lightweight light colored clothing, and take breaks in the shade or a cool environment.

The Process of Mold Mitigation and Remediation in Des Moines

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Our Technician Matt setting up to do air testing for microbial growth in a basement in Des Moines

When there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking waterline, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business. It is the water you can't see that may cause the most damage. Mold can affect your health and can also cause significant damage to your property. Fortunately, we are here to help and have the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem. Although every mold damage scenario is different, requiring a unique solution, the general mold remediation process stays the same. The following steps illustrate a “typical” mold removal process.

Call Professionals - SERVPRO of Iowa City/Ottumwa/Des Moines

The mold cleanup and restoration process begins when you call our office. A representative will ask a series of questions to help determine the necessary equipment, resources, and personnel needed.

Inspection & Damage Assessment

Your property will be carefully inspected for signs of mold using technology designed to detect mold and hidden water sources. Mold feeds on cellulose and water which can be hidden from plain view.

Mold Containment

Various containment procedures will be placed to prevent the spread of mold and isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process.

Air Filtration

Specialized filtration equipment will be set in place that captures microscopic mold spores out of the air. SERVPRO® technicians utilize powerful air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to prevent the spread of these mold spores while the mold remediation is in progress.

Removing Mold & Mold-Infested Materials

The mold remediation process depends on the amount of mold growth and the types of surfaces on which the mold appears. Antifungal and antimicrobial treatments will be used to eliminate mold colonies and help prevent new colonies from forming. Removing and disposing of mold-infested porous materials, like drywall and flooring, may be necessary to remediate heavy mold growth.

Cleaning Contents & Belongings

We clean your furniture, decorative items, curtains, and other restorable items affected by mold. Our technicians use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings. They are also trained to remove odors and deodorize using fogging equipment.


Depending on the level of mold damage, drywall, subfloors, and other building materials may be removed. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet, or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business. We understand mold and mold growth and have the raining and equipment to remediate mold in your home or business. 

We use HEPA filters when we Clean Up Mold

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These vacuums are used during the Mold Remediation process

When doing different types of restoration work we will set in the space what we call air scrubbers.  These air scrubbers are HEPA filter units that collect air borne particles that their size is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. To a HEPA filter, catching a one-micron particle is like stopping a cotton ball with a door screen.  When doing mold remediation we use these air scrubbers but we also will use HEPA vacuums to clean surfaces and trap the particles. 

HEPA filters were invented during World War II to remove and capture radio active dust particles that would present a health hazard to researchers. It was invented to protect the human respiratory system.  HEPA filters are the top form of air filtration.

Des Moines - We Do Carpet Cleaning

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

We are a premier cleaning company.  We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, rug cleaning, and furniture cleaning.  We do carpet cleaning for residential and commercial customers. We have licensed technicians who are trained by the IICRC in the proper methods to clean different types of carpets and fabrics. We pretest fragile fabrics and make sure that we take the best care of your home or office that we can.  We clean carpets for general cleaning, after water damage, after fire damage, to remove odors, to remove stains, and to clean up after pets.  We pride ourselves in a job well done.  We do stair cleaning as well.  We have the right equipment and the right products to keep your carpets and fabrics safe.  Our estimates are free and we do our pricing based off of square footage.  Give us a call today. 

Weather Radio - Everyone Should Have

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Everyone should have a weather radio. A weather radio keeps you informed of inclement weather. Early warning is your best plan to prevent damage or death from a storm.  Storms can change direction, grow in intensity, and change people's lives in a second if they are not informed promptly.  The nice thing about weather radios are that when an update comes out from the National Weather Service they immediately alert you.  You only get the information that you request based off the programming of your weather radio.  When purchasing a weather radio make sure you get one that runs off batteries and a/c power.  Make sure you check the batteries once a month and make sure that you change them once a year.  In the event of a power loss you want to be informed.  Yes they are loud and will wake you up when you are sleeping but if there is a bad storm heading your direction keep your family safe by waking up to your weather radio.


5/4/2017 (Permalink)

We use dehumidifiers as one piece of equipment during our balanced drying system we use when we are cleaning up after a water loss.  Dehumidification helps to minimize secondary damages.  Dehumidifiers alone are not the only piece of equipment we use. These units are used to capture evaporated moisture in the air. We have to get the moisture out of the material and we use air movers and energy to get the water to evaporate.  Once evaporated the vapor can be removed from the air with a dehumidifier.  "Dehumidifiers are a sealed refrigeration system with defrost mechanism, fan, and water collection system.  The dehumidifier removes energy from the incoming air, then returns this energy as sensible heat to the exiting air.  During this energy removal process, water vapor condenses on the evaporator (cool) coil and is collected." - From Disaster Academy Training Manual


5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Desiccants are used on a larger scale water loss to remove moisture from the air.  We used these as a tool in our balanced drying system in place or along side dehumidifiers on a larger scale project.  Desiccants operate differently then dehumidifiers. Desiccants do not collect water through condensation. They vent moisture-laden air from inside the structure to outside the structure using a ventilation system.  Desiccants are usually large units and sit outside the structure with venting tubes and air input tubes from and to the structure.  They create the greatest vapor pressure and are best used when trying to dry wood flooring, plaster, or concrete. They work on the principle of sorption rather then condensation.  Water vapor in this process is adsorbed by a silica gel and then that silica gel is reactivated by energy causing the desiccant to release its moisture to the outside air.

Can We Save Your Structure

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In a lot of cases yes we can. A lot of building materials are made to get wet but NOT maintain wetness.  It is very important to have a balanced drying system and start that system very quickly after water damage.  Problems with saving materials occur when the water infiltration is caused by contaminated water.

Drywall can be saved if it is a clean water infiltration.  Drywall is fragile when wet but when dried it is very strong.  If seems are intact and there is no swelling or microbial growth then the drying process can begin. 

Paneling and wallpaper are difficult to dry but cavity drying systems can be attempted if the material can not be replaced and it was a clean water infiltration. 

Lath and Plaster require a very controlled drying process with aggressive evaporation and low humidity air but can sometimes be saved. 

We use many different systems to dry different materials in different spaces.  We have floor drying systems, cavity drying systems, and general drying systems. 

We are here to help you.  "Like it never even happened."

Commercial - The Benefits of an Emergency Ready Plan

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Statistically 50% of businesses will not reopen after a water or fire loss.  Reason being they do not have a plan in place.  If no plan is in place, there is extended amounts of time where revenue is not made.  This hurts the business and then they close.  We understand this need to be prepared.  We have a completely FREE service where we come and help you put a plan in place with emergency contacts, shut offs, and pictures all in a easy to use app that can be accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer.

With a plan in place you know contacts and locations of things to be able to reduce property damage in the event of a fire or water loss.  You know who to call and help can be there faster.  We are a firm believer in don't wait until disaster strikes. Contact us today to help you be "Ready for whatever happens"

Have A Safe Place

5/3/2017 (Permalink)

When a storm is approaching always have that safe place.  Always forward think.  Take the time even when you are driving down the road where is my safe place if inclement weather would approach.  Have that safe place at home.  Make sure everyone in your house knows where that place is.  It will make the situation go smoother in the event something were to happen. Control the situation as much as you can.  Does your family know where to go in the event of a disaster? Make a plan now it will help if something were to happen.  If you are using a neighbors house, a place down the street or another family member across town just have a plan and make sure everyone knows what the plan is.  Have a plan for a storm, have a plan for a fire, have a plan for a medical emergency. 

We Do Biohazard Work

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Most people don't realize but we do Biohazard work as well.  Biohazard clean up is:

  • Unattended Death Clean Up
  • Blood Clean Up
  • Homicide and Suicide Clean Up
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Animal Clean Up

We have 5 trained technicians with many years of experience in this profession. They have a great bedside manor and have an incredible amount of empathy for our clients.  Biohazard work is something we take very seriously. We pride ourselves in being desecrate while we do the work.  We work with police departments, fire departments, funeral home directors, medical facilities and home and vehicle owners.  We have worked for commercial and residential locations.  We pride ourselves on being your local option to help in your time of need. 

Understanding our Commercial Customers Needs

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

We pride ourselves on understanding our commercial customers needs.  We understand that every minute you are closed and/or not fully open for business you are loosing valuable revenue.  We guarantee that when you make a call into us that within an hour no matter the time of day we will contact you and set up arrangements to be on site.  We then will do everything in our power to very quickly decide what needs to be done and how we are going to do it so that you get back up and running as quickly as possible. 

If possible we will set up containments or set up specialized air cleaning equipment to get your business back up and running immediately while we work so you can work.   We know that your business is very important to you because our business is very important to us and we are lucky enough to have the trained staff and the equipment to help you and your business.

Types of Commercial Businesses we have worked for

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

We have worked with many different types of commercial properties.

We have worked with schools; cleaning contents after a storm, drying out a water loss to reduce further damage, drying gym floors to avoid costly replacement, and cleaning after a fire.

We have worked with banks; cleaning sewage from basements, drying out and restoring important documents, and cleaning carpet to name just a few.

We have worked with many commercial retail locations; cleaning soot and removing odor after a fire, cleaning contents, removing grease from surfaces, and drying out after a sprinkler head or a water intrusion.

We have worked with many property management companies on apartments and hotels; Removing mold, removing odor, cleaning carpets, cleaning after a fire loss, drying out after a water loss.

Either way we have a proven track record of working with Commercial Businesses and getting them back and running as QUICK as possible to prevent excessive revenue loss. We even offer Emergency Ready Profiles for no charge on a handy app so that businesses have all their important information in the event of an emergency right in front of them all the time.

Ask our staff how we can help your business.

Be Ready For A Storm

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You know storms are going to happen.  Rather it be snow, rain, wind, etc. They are going to happen.  To be prepared is a must.  The following list is what is recommended at a minimum to be ready in the event of a storm.

  • Flash Light
  • Extra Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cellphone
  • Canned Food
  • Manual Can Opener
  • Bottled Water
  • Blanket
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Battery Powered Weather Radio

Being prepared will help keep panic at a minimum. These items kept in a safe place where you go in the event of a storm for easy access is also necessary.  Keep where you go in the basement or in possibly a bathroom closet if your home or business does not have a basement.  Pick food items and bottled water that have long shelf lives.  Make sure to test your batteries every month or so in your devices.

SERVPRO has its own Meteorologist

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's corporate office maintains and has on staff our very own SERVPRO Meteorologist.  She helps our franchises with Storm forecasts and alerts so that we are ready and informed.  Storm alerts are vital she says because she has witnessed and experienced storm chasing.  She went out and chased storms and felt the power of super cells building in the Midwest.  She knows the power of weather and why it is so important to be informed and ready in our industry.  Her being a part of our team is a vital key as she helps us know where and when we need to activate our teams to different areas to help out those affected by the storm.  Being knowledgeable about the weather which is such a key factor in our industry empowers us to be ready for you. 

It is important to dry up the water

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage due to an intrusion, long standing leaks, or from high humidity need to be addressed right away.  Mold feeds and grows in high moisture and warm environments.  Mold is present every where.  There are good forms and bad.  It is very important to start the drying process right away to prevent mold growth.  Organic materials found inside a building; wood, paper, drywall and insulation are great sources of food for mold.  Different types of mold are health threats.  It is very important though to remember that if you see visible mold spores to not put air flow directly across the mold. It can send the spores airborne causing more damage.  This is why it is so important to call a professional right away to make sure all areas are brought back to acceptable moisture levels inside a home after water damage.

Testing For Mold

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

We are certified to test for mold.  If you believe mold is present either by visually seeing something you think is mold or by smelling something musty call a professional.  We do visual inspections, air sampling, as well as we have a bore scope that can go inside areas that are not normally visible to look for mold.  When air samples are taken, 3 samples are taken and sent in.  The results take about 5 to 7 days to return.  If the air samples come back positive for mold then we will do further investigation to locate the source of the positive result of the air samples.  Call for pricing if you believe you have mold present and we will help you maintain your healthy home.

Health Effects of Mold

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can effect people's health.  People most effected by mold are people with compromised health, infants and young children, people with chronic breathing issues such as asthma and allergies, and the elderly.  Any one can experience health problems from mold though.  Possible health effects are runny nose, cough, sneeze, abnormal accelerated problems with asthma, sore throat, or sinus inflammation.  This sounds like a common cold but problems from mold linger for excessive amounts of time.  Mold spores grow very quickly so if you see mold give us a call right away so health concerns don't accelerate.  Cleaning the affected mold areas when you are already showing signs of illness can increase this level of sickness for yourself so this is why using a professional with proper personal protective equipment is a good idea.

Types of Mold

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

There are different types of mold.  The most common are aspergillus, cladosporium and stachybotrys atra (also known as black mold).

Aspergillus is non toxic to humans but it can aggravate allergy symptoms.  It is found on foods and in air conditioning systems.

Cladosporium is non toxic to humans but can aggravate allergy symptoms.  This is found as a black or green mold that grows in little dots in bathrooms, on painted surfaces, and in flexible air ducts. 

Stachybotrys is commonly called black mold. This should be removed to prevent health issues.  Call a trained professional to remove.  This type of mold grows on building materials.

To prevent mold growth make sure that water leaks are dried up quickly and humidity levels are maintained in your home or business. Mold thrives in warm damp conditions.

Our Customer Service Response Times

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Customer service is top priority for us on any loss but especially on a commercial job.  We want to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible following a loss.  Our service response guidelines are as follows.

With in 1 hour of your initial call to us we will return your call and arrange a professional to provide service.

With in 4 hours of your initial call a professional will be on site to evaluate the loss and start mitigation services.

With in 8 hours of your initial call we will be able to give you a briefing of what we are doing and how we need to do it  and provide that scope to the appropriate people.

We are here to help you and we know that prompt service is needed when an emergency happens.  You can trust us.

Commercial Large Loss Team

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

You can depend on us to get your commercial business back up and running.  You are lucky enough to have us be a SERVPRO qualified Large Loss Response Team. We are right here in your back yard. What this means for you is that we are a part of an elite group of SERVPRO's that are strategically positioned throughout the United States with trucks and equipment ready to be mobilized to your loss.  The benefits to businesses that are so vital are that you know that we have a trained workforce that has under gone back ground checks, our employees are uniformed and carry id badges all the time, we are trained by IICRC in our industry, and the management programs and corporate communication we have in place are all vital for businesses to know that the people doing the work for you are professionals. We have a promise of satisfaction and a promise of professionalism.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Emergency Plans

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke alarms save lives. They are the tool most valuable in saving peoples lives.  Smoke alarms should be near every bedroom. It is very important to check them often and make sure the batteries are in good working condition.  Test the alarm beep every month.  Change the batteries every year and the unit may need replaced every 10 years.  If you need help with your smoke detectors, installing, servicing, or testing contact your local fire department. 

Be sure also that your home has a Fire Emergency Plan in place. Make sure everyone knows where to go and how to conduct themselves in the event of a fire.  Show children how to open windows and how to test doors to see if they are hot.  Make sure everyone knows where the safe place to meet outside the home is.  A practice fire drill with your family is always a good practice once a year.

Principles of Deodorization following a Fire

3/28/2017 (Permalink)

There are four principles of deodorization that we follow when restoring an affected area after a fire.  The first step is to remove the source.  The charred material all needs to be removed first to start the process. 

We then clean contaminated surfaces to remove soot residue.  This needs to happen as soon as we are able to. This will help minimize damage.

After removing the residue we then use different methods to remove odor.  This principle is called recreate the conditions of penetration.  We use many different methods to remove odor form objects.  We use ozone machines, hydroxyl machines as well as thermal foggers to remove odor. 

When necessary we seal and encapsulate the odor using special sealing materials so that the odor does not penetrate the sealer and continue to produce an odor.


List of items to be maintained by the customer following a fire

3/28/2017 (Permalink)

In the event of a fire and it is decided by the customer, insurance adjuster, and SERVPRO that SERVPRO is going to do a content pack out of the affected belongings while the home/business is restored there are a few items that the customer should maintain.  These items SERVPRO prefers are sorted out of the belongings before we come to pack up the others for cleaning and storage. 

-insurance policies

-licenses, birth certificates, passports, tax documents

-school and medical records

-checkbooks, credit cards, ID cards

-irreplaceable videos, media, or pictures

-few special toys; baby items

-pet foods and inside pets


-prescription drugs

Our pack out process if very organized and recorded for easy access of any items that are needed while in our hands but these are a few items that are usually needed very quickly.

Sign Up for our Periodic Newsletter

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Click the below link to sign up for our periodic informational newsletter.  We send out our newsletter frequently. The newsletter is an informational tool that we use to stay in touch with our SERVPRO friends.  The newsletter provides information about how SERVPRO is different from other restoration/mitigation companies.  We include content on the equipment we use, how we do the work we do, things that are going on in our community, and provide you information to help you be prepared in the event of a disaster. There newsletter also links you quickly to our website for easy access to blog information and before and after pictures of the work that we do. There is also a quick link to our services page so you can learn more about what we do and how we can help you or someone you know when you need us most. Please take the time to click Sign Up and we will put your email on our newsletter list.

Fire Do's and Don'ts

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

If you have fire and smoke damage to your property it is hard to not start cleaning yourself.  Please let the professionals help you. 

The Do's

-Keep movement in the building at a minimum.  This helps keep particles from being embedded in carpet and fabrics.

-Wash your hands a lot and be careful not to transfer or wipe soot onto something. It can make it damage the item more.

-If electricity is off empty fridges and freezers and prop doors open to prevent odors. 

-Change your furnace/air conditioner filter but don't let the system continue to run. Turn it off.


-Do not try washing any thing yourself.  You could further rub the soot into the item. 

-Don't shampoo your carpet. Talk to a professional first.

-Don't clean any electronics without contacting a professional.

-Do not consume any food or beverages that may have been effected by the fire, soot, or smoke.

-Do not turn ceiling fans on. This will stir up the soot residue. 

Water Damage Do's and Don'ts

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage from clean water is much different then contaminated, sewer water.  These do's are only for clean water.  It is important to hire a professional to help you dry out your home after water damage.  With the right tools and pieces of equipment we can properly and safely dry out your home or business and the products with in it.


-Shut off the source of the water. 

-Turn off electricity

-Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and soaking up with towels. 

-Wipe excess water from wood furniture.

-Put aluminum foil in between furniture legs and carpet. 


-Enter a room with standing water. There could be a risk of electrical shock. Disconnect all power first.

-Leave rugs and furniture upholstery wet against and sitting on carpets.  The fabrics could bleed between each other. 

-Turn on your television or any other electronic.

-Do not use your household vacuum to try and suck up any water.  They are not made for this.

Hydroxyl vs Ozone Machines

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

Hydroxyl and Ozone machines both work to eliminate lingering odors, gases, and organic pollutants from the air. We are lucky to have both types of machines.  We put them in homes and businesses to remove pet odor, smoke odor, odor from mold, cooking odor, etc.  There are benefits and draw backs to both types of machines. 

Hydroxyl machines are able to run with living things in the same room.  They remove odor slower then when using ozone machines but you can live and work around a running hydroxyl machine.  Ozone machines can not run with living organisms in the same space.  Ozone machines will work in a few hours where a hydroxyl will need to run for a few days depending on the extent of the odor.  Ozone machines can also bleach wet fabrics and effect rubber. 

Depending on the type of odor you have we will chose the best type of equipment to work best to eliminate the smell. 

What is a Biohazard Event

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A Biohazard Event is something effected by human blood, human blood itself, animal waste, human body fluids, microbiological waste, pathological waste, or sharps waste.  Many events that are biohazard related are very emotional.  We take pride in being a locally owned franchise here to help our neighbors.  We clean up after hoarders,  a homicide or suicide, an unattended death, bodily fluids in a vehicle, etc. 

We are here to help you handle these situations safely. We have 5 certified staff to help in properly and discreetly cleaning up and disposing of this material.  Most of our biohazard events are cleaned up at night.  This helps in keeping on looking eyes from becoming too much of a problem.  We use special equipment to find and locate all traces of biohazard material and completely clean up the materials.  You can trust our staff to clean up after your biohazard event in a caring manor.

Ready At All Times

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One of our many van trucks.

We have a promise to our clients. WE ARE READY at all times.  We have a staff of over 40 people ready to help after any size disaster. We have staff on call at night and on the weekends to make sure that when we are needed we are ready.  We have different size vehicles all stocked and fueled ready to leave at a moments notice. We have a very mobilized fleet.  We have cars, trucks, trailers, and van trucks. We have a highly trained staff with crew leaders with over 90 years of combined experience in the mitigation and restoration business.  They maintain certifications in residential and commercial approved structural drying, fire and smoke restoration, odor control, water damage restoration, carpet and duct cleaning, and biohazard.  Our staff is ready to help you.

Large Loss Response Team

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We are currently the only certified Large Loss Response Team in the state of Iowa.  We have the equipment, employees, and connections to help in even the largest disaster.  We promise to be ready when you need us.  Our equipment is always fueled, tested, loaded.  We have on call staff 24 hours a day.  We have a trailer loaded with our desiccant and a dedicated generator to run it at all times.  This desiccant is a 5,000 cfm piece of equipment for dehumidification.  We have air movers and large portable dehumidifiers for drying a structure.  We have large air scrubbers and different ozone machines for removing odor. A large loss is a loss valued at over $50,000 in  mitigation or remediation work.  Every loss is managed by a commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation.

Our employees are trained residential and commercially for any size disaster.

Ultrasonic Machine

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Ultrasonic Machine

Our Ultrasonic Machine is located in our Iowa City office. This machine is used to clean many different items including items damaged by mold or soot.  We can clean some electronics, jewelry, guns, family heirlooms, light fixtures, porcelain dolls, etc. 

The benefits of Ultrasonic cleaning are;

Offers a deep and even clean

Very delicate cleaning for those delicate items

High speed and energy efficient cleaning

Minimal chemicals

Ultrasonic works with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, along with the special cleaning solutions, to create the effect of millions of tiny bubbles which breakdown contaminants off the target surface without the need for scrubbing.

If you have an item that you would like to have deep cleaned with our ultrasonic machine just let us know.

Even if you don't have fire and water damage at your home and you just need an item deep cleaned, feel free to bring it in and we will be happy to clean the item quickly and thoroughly for you. 


Hiring for Sales Marketing Representative

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Marketing Representative

SERVPRO of Des Moines East/SW a cleaning & restoration Company specializing in water & fire mitigation, is currently hiring for a Marketing Representative.


Primary Role:  Promote and communicate franchise services in business to business interaction to achieve increased use of, and profit from, our services for residential and commercial losses. Grow and develop residential and commercial customer base by utilizing a systematic process to identify new prospects and to routinely contact and follow up with customers or COI (Center of Influence). Build relationships with such clientele as insurance agents and become acquainted with local law enforcement and fire departments. When losses occur, this clientele should feel comfortable calling you.  Daily travel is required.  This job requires occasional overnight/weekend stays and, depending on event duration, (ie: conventions, trade shows, etc.) may require extended stays.  Conduct repetitive contact calls as follow up to losses and continue to build relationships and educate the customer as to why SERVPRO is the best cleaning and restoration company in the industry. Utilize SERVPRO marketing materials and tools to educate potential residential and commercial customers of the benefits from choosing SERVPRO and gain maximum exposure to the public.  Grow public relations by attending scheduled marketing events within the community and help orchestrate such events as assigned by existing marketing team, ie: continuing education courses in various fields related to our clientele, public relations events and community outreach.  Attendance at certain Chamber and community events will be required.  You will schedule and present Lunch and Learns for larger groups.  You will also work in conjunction with existing marketing team to provide administrative help and put together Emergency Response Profiles for commercial accounts.

Results Expected: Continual increased usage of SERVPRO’s services throughout the assigned territory. New customers are routinely added and customer base is diverse. Both internal and external communications are timely and effective.

Minimum Requirements

  • HSD/GED and 1 to 2 years preferred in sales/marketing and customer service
  • Valid Driver license

  • Pass background check and drug test

  • Subject to verbal and written scenario testing

  • Understand production and estimating processes

  • Complete documentation, as appropriate

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, including proper punctuation, grammar and use of courteous and professional tone, via voice, email or text at all times

  • Ability to meet people in new or difficult situations and build rapport

  • Excellent organizational skills and strong attention to detail

  • Very self-motivated and goal-oriented

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Capability to work in a fast-paced, team oriented office environment

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (ie: Outlook, Word, Excel)

  • Ability to produce well worded emails and social media posts.  Will be primary social media handler (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Webpage)

  • Ability to brainstorm and bring new ideas to the table to help SERVPRO remain one of the leading restoration providers in our area

  • Attend marketing meetings at least quarterly and production meetings once a month


  • 40 hours/week, with the flexibility to work overtime when required, afterhours and on weekends.

 Pay Rate

Competitive base with commission, based upon qualifications and discussed during interview

 TO APPLY: E-mail your resume, along with salary history to our HR department andrea@SERVPRO.me

SERVPRO® specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or water damage situation. So, when disaster strikes, homeowners, businesses and insurance providers will rely on us to respond with unparalleled service excellence. As a nation's leading fire and water cleanup and restoration company with more than 1,600 Franchises nationwide, we are growing rapidly, creating exciting opportunities for "A Level" talent.  We have recently gained status as a Large Loss Response Team franchise, therefore, we travel statewide for large commercial losses.  We are also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. This company does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, national origin, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Emergency Ready Profile

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We offer a service of helping businesses develop an emergency ready profile for their business at no cost.  We offer a free app to also maintain this critical contact and property information electronically in advance, where it can be accessed with a mobile device in seconds if a disaster strikes, also free.  This information can be shared very easily with staff.   This ERP includes information about emergency contact numbers, priority and high/risk area, shut off valve locations, insurance contacts, and more.  We believe in helping to reduce property damage when a disaster occurs.  We provide a paper copy, emailed copy, and the app copy of the Emergency Ready Profile for easy access by all employees.  We believe in being proactive not reactive to an emergency situation.  These profiles are proven to help reduce the amount of damage that occurs if kept current and utilized. Call and schedule your appointment with one of our great staff to help develop your FREE Emergency Ready Profile.

2017 CE Classes in Iowa City/Coralville Areas

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We are excited to announce that our CE Classes for Spring AND Fall are now available and waiting for you to get signed up!

We are offering more classes this year (morning and afternoon options) and also options for all-day classes to better accommodate you and your schedule! We hope to see you this year!

The website link can be found below, but here is a breakdown of our classes in the Iowa City/Coralville area this year:



1)  Course Topic: Ethics & Truth (SPRING Morning   Session) (9:00am-12:00pm) 

Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Coralville Marriot Hotel

                300 E 9th Street, Coralville, IA 52241


2) Course Topic: Winners & Losers: The E & O Story (SPRING Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Coralville Marriot Hotel

                300 E 9th Street, Coralville, IA 52241


3) Course Topic: Cowboy Ethics (FALL Morning Session) (9:00am-12:00pm)

Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Coralville Radisson Hotel

                1220 1st Ave, Coralville, IA 52241


4) Course Topic: Winners & Losers: The E & O Story (FALL Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Coralville Radisson Hotel

                1220 1st Ave, Coralville, IA 52241


Lunch is provided for all attendees (12PM-12:30PM)—come half an hour before for registration

There are afternoon options available on the same dates as the morning sessions at the same location. If there is an interest to participate in a whole day of CE Class sessions, remember to register for both the morning and afternoon classes (a whole day session is $50.00)


2017 CE Classes in the Ottumwa Area

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We are excited to announce that our CE Classes for Spring AND Fall are now available and waiting for you to get signed up!

We are offering more classes this year (morning and afternoon options) and also options for all-day classes to better accommodate you and your schedule! We hope to see you this year!

The website link can be found below, but here is a breakdown of our classes in the Ottumwa area this year:



1)  Course Topic: Ethics For Dummies (SPRING Morning   Session) (9:00am-12:00pm) 

Date: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Bridgeview Center

                102 Church Street, Ottumwa, IA 52501


2) Course Topic: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (SPRING Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Bridgeview Center

                102 Church Street, Ottumwa, IA 52501


3) Course Topic: Ethics & Truth (FALL Morning Session) (9:00am-12:00pm)

Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Bridgeview Center

                102 Church Street, Ottumwa, IA 52501


4) Course Topic: E & O Mock Trial (FALL Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Bridgeview Center

                102 Church Street, Ottumwa, IA 52501


Lunch is provided for all attendees (12PM-12:30PM)—come half an hour before for registration

There are afternoon options available on the same dates as the morning sessions at the same location. If there is an interest to participate in a whole day of CE Class sessions, remember to register for both the morning and afternoon classes (a whole day session is $50.00)

2017 CE Classes in Des Moines/Ankeny Areas

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We are excited to announce that our CE Classes for Spring AND Fall are now available and waiting for you to get signed up!

We are offering more classes this year (morning and afternoon options) and also options for all-day classes to better accommodate you and your schedule! We hope to see you this year!

The website link can be found below, but here is a breakdown of our classes in the Des Moines/Ankeny areas this year:



1)  Course Topic: Cowboy Ethics (SPRING Morning   Session) (9:00am-12:00pm) 

Date: Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: Glen Oaks Country Club

                1401 Glen Oaks Dr., W Des Moines, IA 50266


2) Course Topic: Insurance Claims for Water, Mold, Crime Scene & Biohazard (SPRING Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: Glen Oaks Country Club

                1401 Glen Oaks Dr., W Des Moines, IA 50266


*To gain access to the Glen Oaks Country Club facility: At the security gate, let the personnel know you are attending the SERVPRO CE Class* 


3) Course Topic: Ethics for Dummies (FALL Morning Session) (9:00am-12:00pm)

Date: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 8:30 AM

Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Ankeny Courtyard by Marriot

                2405 SE Creekview Dr., Ankeny, IA 50021


4) Course Topic: Industry Hot Topics (FALL Afternoon Session) (12:30pm-4:30pm)

Date: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Registration: Begins at 12:00 PM

Credit Hours: 4

Instructor: Todd Davis, CIC

Course ID #: Pending Filing Processing

Cost: $25.00

Location: The Ankeny Courtyard by Marriot

                2405 SE Creekview Dr., Ankeny, IA 50021


Lunch is provided for all attendees (12PM-12:30PM)—come half an hour before for registration

There are afternoon options available on the same dates as the morning sessions at the same location. If there is an interest to participate in a whole day of CE Class sessions, remember to register for both the morning and afternoon classes (a whole day session is $50.00)

Hiring Production & Cleaning Techs

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We're hiring for all locations, Iowa City/Coralville, Ottumwa/Oskaloosa, and Des Moines East and SW - Full Time production and cleaning techs!  HS diploma/GED, valid driver's license required, competitive pay/benefits. Full description/application at www.SERVPRO.careerplug.com or send resume to andrea@SERVPRO.me

We believe in a team environment.  We support each other and cross train when needed.

We offer a health insurance option to our full time staff. 

We believe in training and supporting our staff. There are many areas of advancement in house.  Our production and cleaning staff are a big part of helping people after a disaster help put their lives back together.  All of our employees have a lot of empathy for our clients. If you have a big heart  and desire to help people this is the place for you.



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